M4L Korg Vocla FM Editor

Korg volca fm Max for Live Editor / Dystopian Disco

The Max for Live Korg volca fm editor enables you to control your volca fm inside Ableton Live, giving you control of the modulation matrix, the ability to generate new sounds on the fly (from deep bass, to otherworldly sci-fi efx) with an in-built randomization feature.

Two Versions

1. M4L Editor with full randomization (including the ARP settings)

2. M4L Editor without ARP randomization

Getting Started

1. Download the Editor from Gumroad

2. Unzip and place both .amxd files inside your MAX MIDI folder

3. Open up Live and navigate to your Max for Live Plugins

4. Drop the Editor on a MIDI Channel and set the MIDI out to your external MIDI Device

5. Route your Audio in from your volca fm

6. Connect your volca fm to the external MIDI device and you’re all set!

For any support questions you can email Sean at dystopiandisco@protonmail.com

DISCLAIMER: The plugin is in beta, so use at your own risk. i.e turn down the speakers before pressing randomize!

Device Reviews

“Cool Max For Live Device to control the Korg Volca FM” – Richard Devine

“What could make the Korg volca FM better? How about a way to integrate it into your Ableton Live setup and control and automate it via a Max for Live device..? Well here it is!” – Ask.Audio

Future Editor Development

1. Deeper Parameter Control of Patches

2. LFO Modulation and Randomization of all Parameters

3. Inbuilt SYSEX Editor to send and receive Patches

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